LinkedIn is a great way of building your reputation and increasing your business exposure. You may be missing out on this valuable, free resource by not making the most of it and that’s where this month’s marketing tip can help you.

Creating a LinkedIn account is straightforward and requires a simple profile registration. You can then connect with a host of contacts and sectors. Your profile can reflect a broad range of products and services which are visible to all.

LinkedIn allows you to get more out of your connections, gain referrals and build your brand credibility.

Editor Assist publications can be posted as an article under the tab ‘Write Article’. Simply uploading the content into the field with your own branding can set you aside from your competitors while building on your reputation. You can easily change the title, or any part of the article we send to you to make it even more personalised.

We recommend you post your articles earlier in the week. LinkedIn ‘share and like’ data reports suggest that posts on Thursday and Friday saw significantly less activity than posts after a weekend. Keep your titles snappy with some intrigue. You want readers to click the link and continue reading.

Editor Assist provide topical, newsworthy articles which are bang up to date. Important news about legislation changes or celebrities can be the LinkedIn post that gets you noticed. Choose your favourites from our selection and generate new enquiries.

If you need any help with setting up or posting on LinkedIn, get in touch!