There are thousands of “business networking” groups in the UK and millions of pages of internet content attempting to give you intricate advice about how to make network marketing work for you. It all appears rather complex. So here are some quick tips to help you understand why you should attend these events and how to make them work for you. 

1) All good networking groups are very inclusive because they want new members to strengthen their groups. Don’t forget people are there to meet people and learn new things. They want you there. 

2) How do you approach talking to people that you have never met before? Most networking groups will have a host or someone to meet you at the door. It is highly unlikely that you are not going to be introduced to people so don’t worry about standing by yourself in a room full of people in small groups. Be brave and converse with individuals within the group. 

3) Do not forget your business cards. Why not even take some business leaflets or handouts with a little more detail? 

4) Look the part - modern business does not necessarily require a tie but it does require you to appear trustworthy. 

5) After the event follow up. You aren’t just interested in talking to the people in the room but them introducing you to the people they know.